Teen caught with hunting knife let off and told “good luck with your GCSEs’ on another day at court in soft justice Britain

CAUGHT with a huge hunting knife normally used for skinning animals, a 16-year-old schoolboy stands in the dock of Highbury Magistrates’ Court waiting to hear his fate. Skinny, pale and wearing a grey hoodie, the youth is fidgeting as Judge Susan Williams reads through his case.

Families who lost loves ones in knife crime epidemic demand tougher sentences

Families who have lost loved ones in the knife crime epidemic today call on Theresa May to toughen up sentences for carrying a blade. They are demanding the four-year maximum jail term becomes the minimum. Somebody was stabbed to death on our streets almost every day last year.

Boy stabbed to death in killer ambush was at anti-knife crime rally hours earlier

A TEENAGE boy stabbed to death after being ambushed by killers on bikes had attended an anti-knife crime rally hours earlier, friends said last night. The 17-year-old victim was attacked by two men lying in wait in a Lidl supermarket car park in Walthamstow, East London.

Wild West Britain: Chilling figures reveal HORRIFIC extent of UK 2018 knife crime epidemic

The ‘Anti-Knife UK’ figures obtained by Express.co.uk provide a damning assessment of the UK’s violent crime problem. They highlight the fatal stabbings of 272 people and more than 1,800 reported attacks from January to November 2018. Those killed range vastly in age from four-year-old children to pensioners in their 80s.

Asda bans sale of single kitchen knives amid crime epidemic

Asda will stop selling single kitchen knives by the end of next month. The supermarket has decided to no longer stock the product following the increase in knife crime in the UK, with 41 people being stabbed to death in 2019.

Britain’s STABBING EPIDEMIC continues as knife crime soars and police seem clueless

The country’s trauma units admit they are forced to develop “military practices” in order to cope with the growing number of extreme wounds caused by knife crime. Medics have seen a year-on-year rise in hospital admissions relating to knife crime and those on the front line have told of the disturbing scenes and life-changing injuries which they see every day.

Stabbing relative calls for rethink over sculpture

The cousin of a girl stabbed to death by her father has started a petition after a council rejected a sculpture aimed at tackling knife crime. William Billingham, 56, was jailed last year for murdering Mylee, 8, at his home near Walsall on 20 January 2018.

Stabbing thugs sew own wounds so A&E don’t report them to police

Experts say blade-wielding teenagers are so wary of arrest when they turn up at hospitals they perform makeshift surgery on the streets. Wounded gang members rely on the stitching skills of children as young as 14 rather than trained medics as the full scale of the knife epidemic engulfing Britain becomes clear.

Thug caught with knife 16 TIMES but never went to prison as heartbroken mum of knife victim slams ‘ridiculously soft’ justice system

A THUG was caught carrying a knife 16 TIMES but never went to prison, The Sun Online can reveal. Laws state anyone arrested with a blade for a second time should automatically be jailed for six months.

Kids as young as 14 sewing up their own knife wounds and paying vets £200 to avoid hospital

TEENS are scared to go to hospital for fear of cops being called which could see them being arrested or investigated. More than 1,000 10-19 years were admitted to hospital with knife wounds last year. But with doctors often expected to call cops when they see a stab victim, many teens decide to risk self-medicating rather than going to A&E.

Knife crime victims ‘sewing own wounds’

Children are “risking their lives” by sewing up their knife wounds to avoid hospital, London’s mayor has said. Sadiq Khan spoke out after an Anti-Knife UK investigation found teenage victims of crime avoided hospital over fears of arrest or reprisals.

Bring the Knife Angel to Sheffield, says campaigner

The Knife Angel, which is made from knives used in stabbings, is touring the country but will not be coming to the city. Coun Paul Wood, cabinet member for community safety, made the decision after talking with groups and individuals, who were completely divided on it.