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Kids as young as 14 sewing up their own knife wounds and paying vets £200 to avoid hospital

TEENS are scared to go to hospital for fear of cops being called which could see them being arrested or investigated. More than 1,000 10-19 years were admitted to hospital with knife wounds last year. But with doctors often expected to call cops when they see a stab victim, many teens decide to risk self-medicating rather than going to A&E.

Knife crime victims ‘sewing own wounds’

Children are “risking their lives” by sewing up their knife wounds to avoid hospital, London’s mayor has said. Sadiq Khan spoke out after an Anti-Knife UK investigation found teenage victims of crime avoided hospital over fears of arrest or reprisals.

London bloodbath: Politicians ‘DON’T HAVE A CLUE’ what to do about knife crime crisis

Recent figures have shown that the UK has suffered its highest number of fatal stabbings since records began in 1947 and could continue to rise according to the founder of Anti-Knife UK. Anti-Knife UK is a nationwide campaign group aiming to reduce the amount of violent crime across the country which has reached critical levels in the last few years.